How to Promote Your Adsense Niche Site

Blog and Ping

Create a Blog you can install the blog on your own site or use a free blogger tool like Update the blog everyday with content specific to your niche and a link back to your niche site. Ping the blog using a free pinging service like This will update several services about new content at your site. The Search Engines will spider your blog and find your site ...

AdSense multiple custom channels

It is now possible to assign multiple custom channels to a single ad unit. This feature enables you to track your ad performance with greater flexibility and view more granular information. When generating your ad code, you’ll be able to add up to 5 custom channels to a specific instance of ad code ...

Advertising To Those With Javascript Turned Off

Just about all of the contextual advertising services and many other types of services use JavaScript to include their ads on your website. This is great because it’s easy to put the code on your website, have ads running and then forget about it. But what about those users who have Javascript turned off? ...

How To Monetize A 1,000+ Page Site In 5 min. Without Violating Google’s Adsense Policy

As webmasters, writers and authors we all want to find ways to maximize the profitability of our content. We employ a variety of methods such as Adsense, Yahoo Ads, links to affiliate products of all types but there are a couple of problems. There is the sheer time involved in creating these links and then keeping them updated to the most relevant and profitable products. To avoid a Google penalty you must use text-based affiliate links, as noted previously this can be a monumental task ...

ReviewMe “Social Ad/Review Network” To Launch

Aaron Wall and Andy Hagans are starting up a new venture called ReviewMe, which is a paid review network for advertisers to pay for bloggers to review products.

This is a similar concept to PayPerPost, which recently received venture capital, and also has come under fire in the blog world for it’s concept and lack of transparency, although they are supposedly making some changes to their model ...

14 Days To More RSS Feed Subscribers

As a result of my previous post about hitting the 500 RSS subscriber mark, I had a few readers ask for advice on how to grow their RSS subscriber counts.Always one to please my readers, I thought I’d post on the subject.

Why do we even want to increase these numbers? The main benefits of RSS are: ...

How to Reduce Ad Blindness

When you display an Ad in the same location with the same colors and Ad format, regular visitors tend to ignore them. This is called Ad Blindness.

The tip here is to rotate between four different color palettes for your AdSense Ads.

1. Log in to your account at
2. Click the AdSense Setup tab and choose AdSense for content as the product
3. Choose an Ad type and format.
4. In the Colors drop-down box, click “Use multiple palettes”, then select up to 4 color palettes by holding down the Control or Command key
5. Copy-and-paste the AdSense Ad code into web pages

As 4 different color schemes are used randomly on your page, there is a good chance that your visitors will click the Ad thereby increasing your click through rate (CTR) and allowing you earn more with AdSense.


14 tips on how to increase your Blog’s Page Views

  • Interlink your Posts

    This is perhaps the most simple method to increase your pageviews. Whenever you write an article, check whether you have written similar articles. If so link to them. This is helpful for new readers as well as it is not necessary that all your readers have been with you from the beginning. But remember that too much interlinking can get your readers distracted from the orginal post ...

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